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J.A.R DEBT COLLECTING (PTY) LTD is originated from its then parent company RAJ Consulting which was established in 2010 and has worked on various projects in debt collecting and credit management.

We offer debt collecting services as well as debt management services. With our extensive experience in debt management as well as debt collecting, we service clients from various sectors such as rentals, educational, financial and engineering.

Each of these sectors has their own unique form of communication when collecting this debt, and we can do it all!

We aim to collect funds promptly and professionally while safeguarding relationships between debtors and clients. Our focus is on maximising client profits and minimising the risk of bad debt and write-offs. Specialising in debt recovery from consumer to corporate levels, we operate across South Africa.

Our Values

Honesty: Upon receiving the debt, we quickly assess assets for viability. Before deciding, we consult our legal team for final feedback to manage expectations.

Transparency: We operate on a contingency-based model: no collection, no fee.

Integrity: Our goal is to collect funds efficiently and professionally, preserving the relationship between the debtor and the client without causing damage.


About the Founder

Our founder is René Cornelius, who has over 20 years’ of experience and vast knowledge of debt and credit management.

René has done various credit management courses through Credit Blend Training which is widely recognised and affiliated with the Institution of Credit Management, where she has completed the credit management course from 1 to 4, and worked as a credit controller after which she decided to open her own debt collecting company.

She has also attended Ken Mills & &Associates where she did a debt collecting course and telephone etiquette as well as computer training.

Need Collections?

We work on NO COLLECTION – NO FEE basis, therefore the longer the debt is outstanding the longer the payment could take to be recovered. 

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Committed To Your Bottom Line

Our team has over +/- 20 years of credit knowledge and vast experience, they have done various courses in credit management and debt collecting.

  • We will need the Debtors’ payment history information from the client
  • We will contact the debtors through various modes of communication i.e., emails, telephone, SMSs, and WhatsApp
  • Negotiations – payment plan structures through A.O.D
  • We will send out monthly statements

Through these processes we will send a monthly progress report to our client updating them on the status of all accounts.

Why Clients Trust Us

We take the time to understand the specific needs and preferences of each client

Ultimately, our success rate is largely in part due to our experience and effectiveness.

Our collections process is robust and firm while maintaining our integrity.

We work on a no collection, no fee and our fee structure is transparent and fair.

Effective, ethical and powerful debt collecting service

We Have All Your Collection Needs Covered


Credit Consultancy

We offer a consultancy service customised to meet your specific needs and designed to add value to your business.


Credit Reporting

Our information can assist you when making important decisions regarding new accounts and existing accounts.


Terms of Trade

By introducing Terms and Conditions you will be able to recover your collection costs from the debtor.


Tracing and Listing

Our specialised staff are capable of performing full debt tracing and listing searches and checks.


Our Process

We use multiple communication channels to negotiate payment methods and provide monthly account status reports to clients.


Default Listing

We can list a consumer or commercial operation as a default payer on the relevant Credit Bureau’s databases.

Monitoring Payments

We monitor monthly payments for your debtors ensuring that you do not lose momentum.


No Collection, No Fee

Don’t suffer collection agencies that leave you with more expenses than when you started

Minimise your Write-Offs

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